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The pace of change is quicker than it's ever been and it will not be as slow as it is now. With disruption everywhere brands need entrepreneurial courage, strategies for re-invention and the internal operations to drive change throughout the organisation.

An answer to managing constant change and finding new sources of growth is building relationships with start-ups as they reframe business challenges and mitigate the risks associated with building new solutions.

For us at Publicis Media we believe in the power of start-ups to transform our own and our clients' business. We achieve this by creating future-facing partnerships and a relentless test & learn mentality.  This is at the heart of NextTECHnow - a fully managed service for clients to collaborate with emerging technology companies drawing on our scale, network, talent and activation expertise.

Disruption comes in many forms - as do the possible solutions for business transformation. NextTECHnow is making it our mission to help clients innovate through executing partnerships that create value for both their business and the start-up marketplace

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  • Global HQ & UK (London)
  • USA (NY)
  • Southeast Asia HQ (Singapore)
  • China (Shanghai)
  • Middle East & North Africa HQ (Dubai)
  • Poland (Warsaw)
  • Netherlands (Amsterdam)

In Progress

  • Italy (Milan)
  • Spain (Madrid)
  • India (Mumbai)
  • Germany (Dusseldorf)
  • Russia (Moscow)
  • France (Paris)


  • Nordics (Stockholm)
  • Canada (Toronto)
  • Mexico (Mexico City)
  • Australia (Sydney)

Our People

Local market NextTECHnow leaders are experts in both making things happen and digital transformation. They are hand picked by Publicis Media global and local leadership to support the Publicis Media Business Transformation practice which is charged to help clients unlock growth by re-engineering customer experiences. Because entrepreneurial innovation is as much a mindset as a skillset NTN leaders come from a range of agency functions including digital leadership, strategy and business consultancy

  • Jim Kite

    Jim Kite


    Head of NextTECHnow

  • Devora Mateeva

    Devora Mateeva

    United Kingdom

    NextTECHnow Manager

  • Violeta Todorova

    Violeta Todorova

    USA (New York)

    Manager, Business Transformation

  • John Ng

    John Ng

    South East Asia HQ

    Head of Innovation and Partnerships, Business Transformation

  • Brayden Ainzuain

    Brayden Ainzuain

    Middle East & North Africa HQ

    Group Director, Innovation & Strategy

  • Andres van Vugt

    Andres van Vugt


    Chief Technology Officer, Publicis One

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If you're a scale-up with a proven tech solution in the marketing and communication space, we'd love to hear from you. Complete this registration form to apply for our global NextTECHnow database - used by client account teams and marketing specialists across the Publicis Groupe network.

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Client Testimonials

  • The startups that NextTECHnow have introduced to Heineken have definitely accelerated our test and learn agenda. Indeed, two startups that we have got to know through this unit have now been activated with good success on Heineken brands.

    Elizabeth Hodson,
    Media Manager at Heineken UK

  • We are extremely pleased with the results of the IMAX SPECTRE media campaign that MediaVest orchestrated for us. Working with the agency’s NextTECHnow team allowed us to harness an innovative tech partner that could provide us with the capabilities to curate and leverage IMAX attendee’s social p... osts and filter by messaging and positive sentiment to communicate the power of the IMAX Experience in an authentic and targeted manner. Leveraging positive word of mouth is of course, the holy grail for most marketers, and especially for an ‘Experience’ based proposition such as IMAX. Not only did this campaign deliver media efficiency, but tangible commercial benefits, delivering our highest gross revenue to date in the UK and a revenue market share far greater than our share of capacity. It was so successful we immediately commissioned our next campaign via the NextTECHnow team. more

    Ben Caunter,
    Senior Director of Marketing, IMAX EMEA

  • We have been hugely impressed with the NextTECHnow initiative. Through a series of meetings with their startup partners they have inspired and challenged us to thinking differently. But they go far beyond just matchmaking – they present real tech solutions and then support and drive the integratio... n into our plans seamlessly. We are certainly keen to build further tech partnerships for our brands across 2016. more

    Stuart Renshaw,
    Head of Digital at McCormick EMEA

startups Testimonials

  • Publicis Media is definitely seen to be the agency that has an "open door" policy with the startup community.

    Rowly Bourne,

  • It's great to see Publicis Media going above and beyound for their clients, with NextTECHnow hunting breakthrough opportunities amongst the diverse and vibrant London startup ecosystem.

    Adam Stamper,
    CEO & Founder

  • The NextTechNow programme is proving to be a fantastic bridge between start-ups and major brands. What's nice is that it's more than just a talking shop - Publicis Media are putting proper resources into the initiative and we're already seeing great results from our involvement.

    Jonathan Grubin,