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Case Study

Aussie Hair Influencer Campaign



Aussie partnered with Takumi to identify an authentic influencer, true to the Aussie Girl profile, and generate excitement plus authentic content from the Jooozh Bar at Stylist Live.



Takumi strict influencer vetting, content quality control and whitelisting process meant Aussie could select the influencers to best represent the brand at Stylist Live, and create a brief best suited to the brand messaging on the day. As a result the brand have Jooozh Bar creative assets to be used for future events, and for the official launch of the product in March 2019.



Engagement Rate: 3%

Takumi influencers share a genuine affinity for Aussie products, and delivered content that excited their followers, building interest and anticipation around the launch of the product next year.

Formats Used: Image, Video, Story (Event)