Case Study

Heineken Green Room 2.0


Heineken’s target audience are very heavy users of digital, however among this demographic ad blockers
are making it increasingly harder for Heineken to communicate with them.

  • In order to get a comprehensive view of all online behaviour we joined forces with Powr of You to recruit a panel that allowed us to passively track their behaviour across all devices.
  • This project let us track all device behaviour and through this we could capture a wealth of data from search terms, app usage, top sites, time of day, geo location, content watched (on which platform) and much more.
  • Engagement happens in short bursts, the average length of a visit to Facebook is just 2 minutes.
  • Movement between sites is fluid Tribal drinkers seamlessly jump between sites to follow suggestions and links to new content from Facebook to YouTube to blogs, they follow what catches their attention
  • Tribal drinkers act as a gateway to a wider audience, they share content they see on social media with friends and family
  • 74% of their YouTube traffic was via Facebook