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Sensodyne Shoppable Voice Skill

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Product reviews have a major influence on purchase for the Pronamel audience and they index highly against Podcasts as a media channel. Podcasts are great for branding in the right environment and achieving upper funnel objectives. However, it isn’t a channel GSK would traditionally look at to drive lower funnel goals.



GSK partnered with Adimo to make their add shoppable through voice within their Podcast to enable them to drive both upper and lower funnel objectives. Included ‘add to basket’ functionality via voice activation for listeners to add Pronamel instantly to their shopping basket at their retailer of choice for example through either an Alexa device or through Siri on their mobile phones.



670K overall reach with 161K podcast downloads.

2.2% overall conversion which is incredibly high v.s. platform averages.

27.6% engagement rate from those who used voice search