Case Study

Discovering what Impact Topics are the most Relevant for HNWI Individuals


UBS wanted to invest in the most relevant impact topics to HNWI individuals and then target them on the right social channels in terms of sites, hashtags and influencers by topic.


  • NextTECHnow proposed TopicDNA’s AI-powered social listening tool to follow HNWI/Mass affluent twitter handles and hashtags across 8 impact investing topics and six markets: US, UK, CH, DE, HK, SG
  • They monitored a sample size of 115,000 of the target audience (globalista persona and follows one or more premium lifestyle accounts / publishers).


  • TopicDNA delivered information on top impact topics, nuances by market and what other brands are doing well in this space as well as their messaging.
  • As well as information on what media do HNWIs go to for this social impact content and which formats are most engaging online.
  • TopicDNA also identified which influencers to explore in the social impact world.
  • Overall, all insights provided were used to optimise more effectively and increase ROI across earned, owned, and paid social.